Awesome North East Cargotecture

Awesome North East Cargotecture

CARGOTECTURE: a structure made from recycled shipping containers. 

OLD LADY HOUSE  The shipping container home called the "Old Lady House," located in Calfin, New Jersey, was designed by the acclaimed architect, Adam Kalkin. When you "Google" shipping container homes (or, its fancier modern name "cargotecture") this is likely one of the first structures you'll find, and it's still one of our favorites. The main living space is 3 shipping containers wide by 2 containers tall. A 12 foot long kitchen island offers views of the surrounding forest. Despite its edgy, industrial aesthetic, Kalkin was sure to incorporate natural materials from the surrounding elements, including fir flooring and mahogany sliding doors. 

Quick House 1
Quik House 2
Quik House 3
Quik House 4

THE BOX OFFICE  Located in Providence, Rhode Island, and designed by Truth Box, Inc., the Box Office is a collection of 12 small offices and studios, catering specifically to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups. As one of the largest shipping container structures in the U.S., it is also one of the most energy efficient office buildings in the North East. Learn more about the story of the Box Office and join their thriving business community. 

Box Office 1
Box Office 2
Box Office 3