Perfect Recycled Water Bottle Shoe

A versatile cross between a ballerina flat and a sneaker, made from recycled plastic water bottles? Yes, that is exactly what Rothys of San Francisco has created.  

Yarn made from recycled plastic water bottles is extremely innovative and used by several companies already. However, it is still an evolving science. Rothys has cracked the code, putting three year's worth of R&D into its handmade, durable, lightweight, moisture wicking, eco-friendly, non-blistering, soft-knit, washable, and yet, highly feminine shoes. 

  Rothy's  on Instagram. 

Rothy's on Instagram. 

Each shoe is made using three recycled plastic bottles in just six minutes while 3-D knitting technology completely eliminates scrap waste in the manufacturing process.

The result is in an incredibly comfortable, yet durable flat with the moniker: "Look good in your Rothys. Feel good in your Rothys."

As bloggers have noted, they wash well and maintain their shape even after multiple rounds in the washing machine. And, they can take a lot of wear compared to other flats. Being able to toss them in the washing machine and have them come out like new is a game changer for both consumers and the environment.

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At first blush, Rothys seem steep. However, once you consider that just one pair can replace several of those quickly worn-out flats, the handmade quality, and the benefit to the environment, it's an obvoius deal. 

Finally, Rothy's will accept your used shoes for recycling once you're finally done with them—if you ever are.  



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