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Norfolk's Recycled Plastic Fashion Show

Norfolk's Recycled Plastic Fashion Show

For the Norfolk Fashion Design Challenge competition last month Recycle for Norfolk partnered with plastic recycling charity, RECOUP to offer aspiring fashion designers from across the country an opportunity to submit their recycled polyester designs. 

All nine garments selected to be featured on the catwalk were made with recycled polyester derived from PET bottles.

  Photo by   Sarah Dorweiler

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler

The fashion show was part of Norfolk's Plastic RecyclingCutting the Confusion' campaign which took place at various town centers across Norfolk from June 9 through 28.

It aimed to inform the public what types of plastic can be recycled and to showcase the many uses plastic can be put to when it's recycled. 

The event was also an opportunity for fashion designers to think differently about the materials available, to gain familiarity with recycled PET, and to think about the environmental impact of fashion.

Showing the community the creative recycled uses for plastics will hopefully encourage responsible recycling practices for the future. ♲

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